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Hotel, B&B, Self-catering Cottage Web Sites

The travel and tourism industry has been one of the big beneficiaries of the Internet. For most people, the first place they look when arranging their holiday is the Internet.

Why? Because of the number of travel based web sites ... regional guides, hotel booking, holiday cottages, bed and breakfast and so on. So basically, the market is very competitive and to succeed, you need to give yourself an edge. How can you do that? Your site needs to have a sharp design, not fussy and complex, it should be easy to navigate, the coding should comply with web standards and your SEO (Search engine optimisation) campaign should be planned from the outset.

How can you get a site like that?

Simple. Commission me to build your travel or tourism web site.

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My strengths lie in the coding of a web site, I use clean coding that complies with current web standards and that is search engine friendly. A number of the niche sites that I have produced have hit the top of Google on the strength of the coding and content alone.

Image: info about freelance wesite designer Kev WoodwardIndustry Experience

I have a wide experience of the travel and tourism industry, I have produced many web sites for bed and breakfast guest houses, self catering holiday cottages, both for the UK market and abroad. My sites about the Peak District are consistently on the front page of Google for relevant search terms. In short, I take away the worry of how best to build your site for the search engines.

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Build a web site and they will come. No they won't. You need to get the word out. I am experienced at markiting web sites using social media sources like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and the like. Together we can devise your Social Media Marketing strategy. Not some generic formula but one geared exactly to your accommodation type, your needs and the time that you can spend on this form of marketing.