How will I benefit from having a web site

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You probably found this page by searching for 'How will I benefit from having a web site' or 'how will having a website benefit me' or something like that. Here are some of the answers to that question.

Save costs.

Using email to communicate with customers is cheaper than a letter and usually cheaper than a fax or telephone call. It is easy to send email to 50 customers at the same time, no photocopying, no envelopes, no postage costs, delivery within a few minutes.

If you place your catalogue on line, your sales force and customers have immediate access to the information and any changes. By encouraging as many of your customers as possible to use the online version, you can save on mailing costs.

The longer your web site is online, the lower the cost per visitor - it is a very cost effective way of reaching large numbers of potential customers.

Permanent Advertising

Once your web site is on the internet, you will have a low cost permanent advert available at any hour of the day or night. You can add your web site address to all of your stationery and clients or potential clients can access your advertising at any time. This opens up the possibility of international trading to your business.

Raise your profile

A web site is not subject to normal business hours, it promotes and advertises your company to a local, national and international audience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The benefit to your company is the potential to generate additional business opportunities.

Having an Internet presence projects your company as a pro-active, dynamic, high tech, forward thinking, customer centred organisation.

Spread news of your new products or services world-wide, instantly.

Ease of contact and customer support

By making your business easy to contact you will benefit from increased customer loyalty and impress new customers with the speed at which you can deal with their enquiries via email. Key personnel can access the email accounts out of normal office hours and reply quickly if necessary.

Orders can be taken over the Internet which removes the delay between contact and order. Customers are more likely to return if the service is fast and efficient.

Save having to answer the same questions over and over again by providing an FAQ section to support new and potential customers.

Provide a feedback/enquiry form so that customers without an email address of their own can contact your company via the Internet.

Match competitors who already have an Internet presence.

Where there are two comparable companies, the company who has an Internet presence will have a greater potential market. Even if you are the market leader, you can increase your potential by being on line. A web site will help to reinforce an image of your company as a leading player.

Tap new markets

An increasing number of companies are using the internet for sourcing suppliers, if your company is not on the Internet, it is less likely to be found.

By providing information over the internet, potential customers can immediately find information about your products or services and decide there and then whether they are suitable. This reduces the delay time for catalogue mailing and could help result in more sales.

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My strengths lie in the coding of a web site, I use clean coding that complies with current web standards and that is search engine friendly. A number of the niche sites that I have produced have hit the top of Google on the strength of the coding and content alone.

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In a previous life I taught IT and Science in a secondary school in Derby. Prior to that, I had worked in a lab in the north east of England, then for Deb Chemicals Ltd (the makers of a well known brand of hand cleaner) and then in a couple of different sales offices.

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I have a life away from the computer. When I am not designing websites I enjoy being in the great outdoors, climbing, mountain biking and walking, with a preference for mountains rather than farmland as you can probably guess from the site image!